Nov 072010

The Doing Business report, a project of The World Bank Group, annually publishes findings on the business climate of individual countries, business regulation and enforcement, and the impact on small to medium-size companies (ease of doing business).

  • The U.S. overall ranked 5th out of 183 countries, the same rank as 2010.  (The lower the number, the better.)
  • In individual topics, the U.S. ranked 9th in starting a business, 6th in getting credit, and 5th in protecting investors.
  • Furthermore, in individual topics, the U.S. ranked 27th in dealing with construction permits, 62nd in paying taxes, and 20th in trading across borders.

Click on the chart below to see an enlarged, clearer chart.

In the Past 5 Years 85% of Economies Made it Easier to do Business

To read the entire report for 2011, click on Doing Business.

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