Oct 082010

The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education regularly produces “The National Report Card on Higher Education.”

According to the report, the rates of college participation in the U.S. has declined relative to other countries. The U.S. ranked 2nd in college participation just over 10 years ago. Now, the U.S. ranks 7th among 29 compared countries.

Percent of adults, ages 35-64, holding an associates degree or higher

Percent of adults, ages 25-34, holding an associates degree or higher

Percent of young adults, ages 18-24, enrolled in college

The study also said the U.S. ranks 15th among the 29 countries compared in percentage of students completing college. “These low college completion rates-as with the declining rates of high school completion-are depriving the nation of college-educated and trained workers needed to keep the American workforce competitive globally.”

Number of certificates and degrees awarded per 100 students enrolled; therefore, the college completion, or graduatation, rate

The study also said that “the financial burden of paying for college costs has increased substantially, particularly for low- and middle-income families, even when scholarships and grants are taken into account.” A quintile is 20%; therefore, the lowest income quintile is the bottom 20% of earners, etc.

Net college costs as a percent of median family income

To read the entire report, along with previous years, click on http://www.highereducation.org/ and Measuring Up 2008.

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