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  • The Local Live(s) project humanizes reporters by putting them onstage
    The Local Live(s) project launched amid the pandemic, partnering with newsrooms to host live online events in which journalists talk about their work. Last year, the group worked with six newsrooms to… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • The COVID Olympics get underway
    The Olympic Games officially open today. Thousands of people, including journalists, have faced a gauntlet of health restrictions to gain access to Tokyo, where COVID-19 cases recently spiked. Before… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • Facebook’s disinformation problem is harder than it looks
    That Facebook can distribute dangerous amounts of misinformation around the world in the blink of an eye is not a new problem. But the attention stepped up when President Joe Biden told reporters duri… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • Facebook, Fox, and what ‘killing people’ means in a pandemic
    Last Thursday, with confirmed cases of COVID-19 again rising across the US, Dr. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general, issued his first advisory since the Biden administration took office: health mis- and… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • The risible launch of ‘Britain’s Fox News’
    Last week, Guto Harri, an anchor on GB News, in the United Kingdom, addressed a pressing news story: the racist abuse that Black English players faced following the final of the European soccer champi… (Click on article title to continue reading)