Your Representatives’ Information


This page contains information and links to websites with voting records and statements/speeches on particular issues for specific political representatives.  Therefore, when you see a commercial for a representative, you can see if they actually vote that way.  Furthermore, you can see if their historical votes match well with your views.

U.S. Congress Members’ Stance on the Issues has information on what stance a political representative has on the issues. It has summaries of votes and quotes. Information is only on U.S. House and Senate members. Click on OnTheIssues to proceed.

U.S. Congress and State Legislatures’ Info

Project Vote Smart has a database of not only U.S. House and Senate members but also individual state legislature members. Type in your Zip below to see a list of your representatives or type in the name of a specific representative.

U.S. Congress Members & Voting Records Since 1789 also maintains a database of U.S. Congress members, both House and Senate. In addition to the voting record, also provides additional information such as the representatives political leanings and if they are a follower or leader. To review your representatives information click on Members of Congress.

Recent votes happening right now in the U.S. Congress:

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