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Our mission is to provide non-partisan facts to help voters and the public make informed decisions. Our goal is not to cover one sentence, one speech from any candidate, but to cover, on an holistic scale, what a particular issue is about. We want to provide thorough, comprehensive information on particular topics so the public understands the issue in its entirety.

truthfulpolitics.com – Low on opinions, low on commentary, low on editorials. High on statistics.

truthfulpolitics.com – Helping engage the electorate.

truthfulpolitics.com – Through non-partisan, objective facts about the real issues, helping the public make informed decisions.

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Want information on gay marriage, from the statistics on gay marriage to people’s views on same-sex marriage, click on gay marriage.

Want statistics on health care, where the U.S. ranks compared to other countries, views of Americans on universal health care, and physician salaries in the U.S. compared to other countries, click on health care.

Want information on religion and politics, from the views of the Founding Fathers to what people believe now about the Constitution and Religion, to Americans’ views on religion, click on religion.

Want information on miscellaneous issues and politics, from the percentage of Americans that vote, to censorship, click on miscellaneous issues.

Why truthfulpolitics.com was Created

Kathleen Jamieson and Brooks Jackson of Factcheck.org in December 2008 mentioned the following:

  • 31 percent of those polled “believed widely disseminated claims that Obama would give Social Security or health care benefits to illegal immigrants, when in fact he would do neither.”
  • 39.8 percent “thought McCain had said he would keep troops in combat in Iraq for up to 100 years, though he’d actually spoken of a peacetime presence such as that in Japan or South Korea.”
  • 19 percent “falsely think Obama is a Muslim, and even more (22 percent) find truth in the claim that he’s nearly half Arab. Republicans were 2.8 times more likely than Democrats to buy the Muslim claim, and just over twice as likely to swallow the half-Arab notion.”
  • 31 percent believe that either Congress or the President determine the constitutionality of laws, not the Supreme Court.

The entire article may be read by clicking on Our Disinformed Electorate.

The Pew Research Center also polled the public on political knowledge in April 2012 and reported the following:

  • 58% of those polled know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat.
  • 55% know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.
  • 68% know that “the initials ‘G-O-P’ are usually associated with the Republican Party.”
  • 65% know that the mascot or symbol of the Democratic Party is the donkey.

To read the entire article, click on What the Public Knows about the Political Parties.

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