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  • Silence of the climate watchdogs
    An absent dog does not bark, says an African proverb. The US press has hardly been absent during the coronavirus outbreak; many outlets have run stories about little else. But the focus on the virus h… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • What’s the point of the White House press secretary?
    On Friday, Jonathan Swan and Alayna Treene reported, for Axios, that Mark Meadows—the hardline former North Carolina Congressman who just took over as President Trump’s chief of staff—was planning to… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • The Ecofascists
    Last November, Tucker Carlson invited Justin Haskins, the editorial director of the Heartland Institute, to discuss climate change on his popular talk show. The Heartland Institute is a climate-denial… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • What We’re Reading
    Karlotta Freier illustrates all manner of climatic horror from recent news stories
  • Year of Fear, Chapter Nine: Imagine This: The Ghost of a Weekly Covers the Pandemic
    Welcome back to the Year of Fear. Each week until Election Day, CJR and the Delacorte Review will bring you another chapter from one of our four towns. Click here to subscribe to our weekly newsletter… (Click on article title to continue reading)