Oct 082010

Stanford University researchers produced a report on wind power in May 2005 mentioning the following:

  • “Wind captured at specific locations, if even partially harnessed, can generate more than enough power to satisfy the world’s energy demands”
  • “North America had the greatest wind-power potential, however, with the most consistent winds found in the Great Lakes region and from ocean breezes along coasts.”
  • Locations with sustainable, appropriate wind speed, called Class 3 winds, could produce approximately 72 terawatts. 1 terawatt equals 1 trillion watts.
  • 1 terawatt is more power than what is generated by 500 nuclear reactors, or thousands of coal-power plants.
  • The entire world’s electricity usage in 2000 was 1.6 – 1.8 terawatts.
  • The study was supported by NASA and Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Project.

To read the entire article, click on New global wind map may lead to cheaper power supply.

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