Nov 012010

Kimberly Leonard and Aaron Mehta of The Center for Public Integrity in October 2010 reported the following:

  • John Raese, Republican, spoke against government spending and spoke for controlling the federal budget. His company Greer Industries Inc. sold $2.7 million of products to the federal government and $29 million to the state of West Virginia.
  • Reid Ribble, Republican, spoke against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, commonly referred to as the stimulus bill. A construction company owned by memebers of his family received $130,000 in stimulus funds.
  • Robin Carnahan, Democrat, “called for a halt to expanded stimulus spending”. Her brother’s company, Wind Capital Group, received $107 million in 2009 from the stimulus.
  • Tom Ganley, Republican, spoke against the “cash for clunkers” program. Ganley’s auto dealership received approximately $3.7 million from the program.
  • Scott Rigell, Republican, spoke against government spending and the stimulus. His auto dealerships received $568,500.

To read the entire article, click on Some Anti-Spending Candidates’ Businesses Have Government Contracts, Tax Breaks In Their Past.

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