Jun 042013

For the first time in American history an atheist monument will be erected in Starke, Florida. This is in response to the Ten Commandments display that was erected on the Bradford County Courthouse property last May which American Atheists, a nonprofit group that advocates for religious equality and separation of church and state, had deemed to be unconstitutional and sued in attempt to get the Ten Commandments removed. The Christian group that had their display up refused to take it down, so Bradford County and American Atheists went to court and agreed to an atheist monument under a public forum for other religious or, in this case, nonreligious displays.

The new monument, a bench weighing 1,500-lbs, will contain atheist/secular quotes from prominent figures like the Founding Fathers and the founder of American Atheists Madalyn Murray O’Hair. A rendering of this monument can be found on the Huffington Post below:




While most atheists and church and state separatists want the Ten Commandments gone under the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, this public forum for other displays is the best option for now. That way, different religious and nonreligious groups will be able to equally express their views on the public square alongside Christians and, now, atheists.


Local news segment on atheist monument:

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