Oct 082010

  • Methodology
    The analysis of adolescents in this report is based on a self-administered web survey conducted from March 29 to April 14, 2019, among a sample of 1,811 dyads, with each dyad – or pair – comprised of… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • Acknowledgments
    This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals. Find related reports online at pewresearch.org/religion. Primary Researchers Elizabeth Podrebarac Sc… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • 4. Family religious practices
    Children’s religious practices are tied to their families’ traditions.28 To better understand these links, the survey asked teens a variety of questions about who they attend worship services with, wh… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • 6. What do parents want for their teens?
    The survey asked parents of teens ages 13 to 17 about some of their desires for their teen, including the importance of raising their teen in their own religion or with their own views on religion. Pa… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • 3. Teens’ religious practices
    The new survey finds that although the majority of teens pray and attend worship services at least occasionally, about four-in-ten say they seldom or never attend services, and a similar proportion re… (Click on article title to continue reading)

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