Oct 082010

  • 2. Factors linked with religious knowledge
    Religious affiliation is just one of several factors linked with religious knowledge. The survey shows, for example, that religious knowledge is also very closely linked with how many years of schooli… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • 1. Which religious groups know what about religion?
    Based on religious affiliation (or lack thereof), the groups that display the highest levels of religious knowledge on this survey include Jews (who get an average of 18.7 out of 32 questions correct)… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • 3. How strongly are religious, social and demographic factors linked with religious knowledge?
    The results of the survey suggest that there are many traits that are linked with levels of religious knowledge. These include demographic factors, such as age and education, as well as religious affi… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • 4. Feelings toward religious groups
    The survey included some questions designed to see whether higher levels of religious knowledge tend to go hand in hand with more positive attitudes toward various religious groups. Overall, the answe… (Click on article title to continue reading)
  • Acknowledgments
    This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals. Find related reports online at pewresearch.org/religion. Primary Researchers Becka A. Alper, Researc… (Click on article title to continue reading)

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