Oct 162010

Sharon Jayson in USA Today in November 2009 reported the following:

  • In the 2000 Census, one “in five male couples and one in three lesbian couples were raising children.”
  • In the 1990 Census, the numbers were “one in 20 male couples and one in five lesbian couples” were raising children.
  • The “2008 American Community Survey showed that 31% of same-sex couples who identify themselves as spouses are raising kids compared with 43% of heterosexual couples.”
  • “The transition to parenthood is similar for both homosexual couples and heterosexual couples.”
  • “Children of gay couples don’t differ from their peers raised by heterosexual couples in terms of their mental health, self-esteem, life satisfaction, social skills or number of friends.”
  • “Children in gay families are teased more about their families and their sexuality but are not teased more overall.”

To read the entire article, click on Gay couples: A close look at this modern family, parenting.

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