Oct 082010

The Family Research Council illustrated some differences between homosexual couples and heterosexual couples.

  • Heterosexual marriages last longer the homosexual relationships.
  • Percent of Heterosexual Marriages Remaining Intact
    Length of Current Homosexual Relationship

  • Homosexual males have more infidelity than heterosexual couples.
  • Percent Reporting Sexual Fidelity

  • Violence between the partners happens more in homosexual relationships than in heterosexual relationships.
  • Comparison of Intimate Partner Violence
    Intimate Partner Violence Between Homosexuals and Heterosexuals

To read the entire article, click on Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples. To read information on benefits availability between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples, click on Benefits Available to Same-Sex Couples Compared to Heterosexual Couples.

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