Nov 022010

If an individual spent $1 million dollars a day for the past 2000 years, ignoring leap year days, they would have spent $730,000,000,000, or $730 billion dollars ($1,000,000 * 365 * 2000).

The US Department of the Treasury lists the total Federal debt at over $13,668,825,497,341, or $13.6 trillion. This number will inherently be incorrect in a short amount of time. Regardless, the debt number means that since the founding of these United States over 200 years ago, the federal government has spent $13.6 trillion more than what it has.

Therefore, the U.S. has spent more money than it earned in the past 200 years than someone who would have spent $1 million dollars a day for the past 2000 years.

To find out the current debt to the penny, go to The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It. To read additional truthful politics article on the federal debt, click on U.S. Federal Debt by President/Political Party or U.S. Federal Debt Change (Increase/Decrease) by President.

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