Oct 082010
Voting Rates During Congressional Election Years and Presidential Election Years

Click on the chart below to see an enlarged, clearer chart. George Mason University, in it’s United States Elections Project also illustrates presidential voter turnout rates. VEP stands for voting-eligible population and is the percentage of those eligible to vote to those that do vote. VAP stands for voting-age population and is the percentage of […Full Article]

Oct 072010
Banned Networks

NewsHour in March 2003 reported that the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Exchange banned Al Jazeera, an Arab network, from broadcasting from the trading room floor. The two Al Jazeera reporters had covered the NYSE for years and were asked to stop because the NYSE wants to allow access to media outlets that […Full Article]

Oct 072010
Fusion Centers

Joshua Rhett Miller in FOX News in March 2009 reported the following: Fusion centers were dreated by the Department of Homeland Security to combat terrorism. Between 2004-2007, $254 million were spent on fusion centers. One of the fusion centers is the Missouri Information Analysis Center, or MIAC According to a report issued by the MIAC, […Full Article]