Jul 302013

In the latest Pew Study 47% of Americans have become more concerned with their civil liberties over a potential terrorist attack, saying that the government’s anti-terrorism policies have gone too far in restricting civil liberties. This has been a major shift in public opinion since 2004 when 49% said that the policies haven’t gone far enough to protect the country and in 2010 when that number rose to 58%, compared to 29% and 27% respectively.

Along with this, 53% agreed that the media reports too much information that could harm the anti-terror programs, 56% agreeing that the government keeps too much information about the programs secret from the public.

What should be noted is the difference in age groups. 60% of those 18-29 said that the government has gone too far in restricting civil liberties compared to 48% of those 30-49, 44% of those 50-64, and 33% of those 65 and older. Although the age difference on this issue is apparent, the percentages of young people approving and disapproving of the NSA’s actions are nearly identical, 46%-49% respectively.

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